Scalp vein sets

PENTAVEN scalp veins sets consist of an intravenous cannula, two fins, a tube equipped with a terminal fitting with unscrewable Luer/Luer-Lock cap suitable for intermittent intravenous therapy.


Rev. 01: 2018/04



  • Sterile, disposable, non-toxic, pyrogen free.
  • Length of the tube, from 30 to 90 cm.
  • The triple-sharpened needle results in painless injection.
  • The soft fins allow a secure grip, facilitating fixing.
  • Colour codes to identify the diameter of the needles (needle diameter indicated on the fins).
  • Individual blister packs.
  • AISI 304 steel cannula; diameter and length in accordance with ISO 9626.
  • Transparent polyethylene needle cover.
  • Triple and painless cannula sharpening (AS 2485).
  • Medical grade silicone lubricant.
  • PVC fins, plastic-coated and non-toxic, coloured in accordance with AS 2485.
  • Soft, non-toxic, medical grade transparent PVC tube:
    • length 30 cm - Int. vol. 0.4 ml - Ext. Ø 2.65 mm - Int Ø 1.30 mm.
  • Luer/Luer Lock rigid, non-toxic, transparent PVC fitting.
  • Needle/fin fixing: mechanical assembly.
  • Tube/fin/fitting fixing: bonding with cyclohexanone solvent.
  • Medical grade paper and plastic film blister pack.

Ethylene Oxide (EO 10% + CO2 90%), cycle validated in accordance with ISO 11135.