Syringes for enteral feeding

PENTA SEGAP summarises and embodies the idea of a system of connections that allows enteral feeding support in complete safety.

PENTA SEGAP safety syringes are designed so that, while administering enteral solutes and medication, any accidental risk of connection to a parenteral system with female Luer cone or Luer Lock is prevented, as required by UNI EN 1615.

PENTA syringes offer a full range and are the result of research aimed at creating a product with certified quality and safety features. They have “Latex Free” plungers, made of synthetic rubber which does not contain natural latex, in order to prevent any allergies.

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  • Polypropylene cylinder with rod lock.
  • Purple polypropylene rod.
  • “Latex Free” plunger with two seal rings, made of non-toxic synthetic rubber.
  • Medical grade silicone lubricant.
  • Indelible purple graduation. For the larger capacities, 20 ml and 60 ml, the graduation is visible from the operator side in order to enable constant control while administering solutes using infusion pumps.
  • Medical grade paper and plastic film blister pack.
  • The exclusive “secure” female Luer and Luer Lock system was designed by Pentaferte and Segap.
  • The purple colour enables immediate recognition and marks the whole Oral/Enteral range.
  • This system prevents any possible combination with the Luer 6% parenteral system.

Ethylene Oxide (EO 10% + CO2 90%), cycle validated in accordance with ISO 11135-1