Pentaferte company

Pentaferte is an Italian company operating in all world markets. The activity of design and manufacturing of medical devices is the very “DNA” of this company which, since its establishment, has succeeded in following the demands of its own customers and the market itself, giving priority to industry and manufacturing.
The production site in Campli, in the province of Teramo, 2 hours away from Rome, is among the largest in Europe and is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in order to comply with the constant requirements of medical production and the most demanding certifications in the world.
The commercial, administrative and financial headquarters in Ferrara manage the relationships outwards and follow the trends of such a complex and fascinating market.

A Company Quality System is in place certified by CSQ in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016.

Our History


A growing reality

By now Pentaferte is a leading company in the production of OEM and sterile medical devices for the hospital and pharmaceutical market; it cooperates with the major world leaders in the medical and pharmaceutical field, focusing on the infusion world; it also designs and manufactures different products for third parties, taking care of every single production facet, from moulding to sterilization and transportation.



Pentaferte France acquired the French company Segap, a European leader in medical devices for enteral feeding.



Pentaferte France was founded in Paris as a subsidiary of the Italian headquarters, marking the start of the group’s expansion across Europe.



Pentaferte participated in the design and construction of many plants for the production of medical devices in South America and especially in Eastern Europe, thus enhancing its skills and successfully exporting its own brand.

Since 1981


The production site has been based in Campli while the business unit is located in Ferrara.



Pentaferte was founded at Piano Grande di Teramo.


Turnover Italy-France: EUR 30 million.

Employees: 101.

Distributors worldwide: 38.

CSQ quality system certification: UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016